31 ideas to help Level Up Your Life in 2023

So you’ve heard the terms; ‘I’m levelling up’, ‘I’m becoming my next level self’, or ‘I’m in my level up era, but curious what these actually mean in reality and how YOU can do the same and apply them to your life?! Well, we’ve listed out 31 different ways you can Level Up Your Life by focusing on three main areas, including your self, your wealth and your health to help you have that overall life glow-up.

The Steps to Level Up Your Life

Life is about continuous personal growth and improvement and here at YNLS we want to help you to elevate your overall well-being so that you can unlock your true potential and live the life you know you were destined to. We have listed out 31 actionable ways to level up your life and make positive changes; whether you’re seeking better physical health, financial abundance, personal development, or professional success, there’s something here to help you grow. So let’s dive in and help you to discover the pathway to Your Next Level Self.

Level Up Your Self – are you ready for your glow-up?

1. Visualise everything you want

Find yourself your favorite quiet, comfy spot for this one. And just close your eyes and start to visualize everything you want to become – remember when you used to daydream as a kid (or maybe you still do as an adult), well it’s time to start daydreaming again, this time about life you really want to live. Go really big with the daydreaming – nothing is off limits and once you are finished write down everything that came up and start to paint that picture of the life you are going to create.

Level Up Your Life in 2023

2.  Get clear on what it is you want

Now start to get clear on what it is you want to achieve in different areas of your life and start to create actionable plans to reach them. Write it all down – you are more likely to stick to clear goals you have written down and can refer back to regularly – you can take it one step further and write your goals down daily, this helps to keep them right at the forefront of your mind.

3. Read Inspirational books

Immerse yourself in inspirational books, to really light that fire in you. Find books by people who have achieved what you would like to and use them as your inspiration. Books by people you admire, and who have found success in an area you would like to, are an amazing way to access lower-cost mentorship – for the cost of a book only!

4. Talk nicely to yourself

Focus on self-affirmation and become your own hype girl and coach. Have you ever really stop to think about your inner dialogue and if you would ever speak to a friend the way you can talk to yourself sometimes. It’s so important to become more conscious about your thoughts and to change that negative self-talk into more positive affirmations. Turn your inner critic into your inner coach – start to encourage yourself more and even congratulate yourself for your little wins!

5. Practice self-reflection

Check in on yourself regularly and become more aware of how you are feeling – but also what’s making you feel that way. Once we start to evaluate our thoughts and behaviours, we understand more about why we act in certain ways and what makes us feel good and not so good. This helps to promote personal growth.

6. Embrace failure and learn from it

Too often people view failure as a negative, and are too scared to even try something new for fear of it failing and what other people will then think of them. Turn this viewpoint on its head and start to view our failures as learning opportunities and a sign that we tried something new is a better way of viewing failures and if that thing you tried didn’t work out – use it as a learning point to improve and grow.

Step out of your comfort zone and make your life level up

7. Step out of your comfort zone

You will never grow if you stay within your comfort zone. Growth only happens when we start to feel uncomfortable – therefore, it’s good to feel uncomfortable, when you do – you know you are growing. Challenge yourself to try new things – explore unfamiliar territories and getting used to feel uncomfortable.

8. Develop emotional intelligence

Work on understanding and managing your emotions, being able to manage your emotions will not only make you feel better but it will improve the quality of life you live. There are many different tools you can use to help you regulate your emotions, once you master these, you can also understand other peoples emotions, how to react to themP and build healthier relationships.

9. Practice effective communication

Being a good communicator and being able to express your opinion and your needs in an articulate manner is a skill you can master through practice – don’t be afraid to speak up, use your voice and your confidence will grow when you realise speaking up isnt that scary. One of the best ways to also becoming a good communicator is to learn to listen – we learn soo much from listening effectively!

10. Learn a new skill

Do that course you have been thinking about if it is going to improve your skills, your confidence and most importantly your value. You are your own gold mine, and any new skill you learn will make you more and more valuable. 

11. Practice self-discipline

Stay committed to your goals – when you do what you say you were going to do, that’s how your confidence, self esteem and belief in your own ability grows.

12. Surround yourself with positive people

Seek out supportive and inspiring people who uplift you, believe in you and motivate you to become more. Find a tribe of women with the same values and goals as you. Limit the time you spend with people who are more interested in gossiping and tearing others down, they will only drain your energy.

13. Let go of grudges

Holding onto grudges is only holding you back. Having a grudge uses up too much negative energy and holding onto this negative emotion will do you no good. It’s also equally important to learn to forgive yourself quickly too, feeling guilty is a wasted emotion – we all make mistakes, accept that you do too and move on.

Level Up Your Health – feel your best self

14. Develop a self-care routine

Dedicate time each day to yourself to engage in activities that feel like self-care to you – these self care moments will be different for everyone, but here’s a few ideas to help – a morning routine, grabbing 15 minutes to yourself before your family wake up, have a quiet moment to switch off and read a book or magazine, taking a bath with your favourite bath soak to pamper yourself.

Level Up Your Health

15. Adopt a balanced diet

Focus on whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins to nourish your body. Introduce supplements to your daily routine, nearly 50% of adults in the UK have admitted to not eating enough vegetables according to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey and supplements are a great way to make up for what you don’t get in your diet..

16. Stay hydrated

The benefits of drink plenty of water throughout the day are endless. You should aim to have at least six glasses of water a day to keep your body functioning properly – and most important of all – your focus clear .

17. Look after your gut health

 Gut health affects so many systems in our body, including our immunity, mental health and even our fertility. Keeping your gut healthy will keep your digestion system working effectively but also keeps your mood regulated too.

18. Exercise regularly

This goes without saying – incorporate physical activities into your day to keep those positive endorphins flowing – find exercise you enjoy doing to make it easier to do and keep you motivated to do it, such as jogging, yoga, dancing or swimming.

19. Prioritize sleep

 If we don’t get enough sleep it literally feels impossible to function. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night to help you to function at your best by rejuvenating your body and mind.

20. Practice mindfulness

Adding time into your routine to meditate, or do deep breathing exercises, helps to reduce stress and enhance your mental clarity.

21. Limit screen time

This is one we all need to learn to be better at! Feeling addicted to checking your phone for notifications, messages updates is real and can take a lot of discipline to get better at! But trying to impose your own boundaries to help you reduce the time spent on your devices, will not only promote a healthier lifestyle but improve your overall mental clarity

22. Practice gratitude

One of the easiest and simplest ways to change the way you feel is to remember what you have to be grateful for in life, and we call all find a few of these things to focus on. Cultivate a grateful mindset by regularly expressing appreciation for the things in your life.

Level Up Your Wealth – it’s your time to become financially abundant!

What financial goal do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase your monthly income? Or add additional income streams to your life (the average millionaire has seven streams of income as an example!), or save a certain amount for a treat or even your retirement? Whatever it is, you need to get super clear on your goal and then create a plan of how you want to achieve it.

23. Abundant mindset

To achieve financial abundance, you have to have an abundant mindset, one way to have this is to  focus on what financial goal you want to achieve, and how you will achieve it, believing that it’s on its way to you,  rather than focusing on what you are lacking. We create more of what we focus on.

24. Know your cashflow

Do you know what your monthly cashflow is? I.e are you tracking what your income is each monthly and are you ontop of what expenses you have to pay each month? Get super clear on what your cashflow is to help you have better control over your finances.

25. Invest your money

Allocate at least 10% of your income to investing your money – a stocks and shares ISA is one of the best ways to do this. Automate the payment straight after you’re paid instead of waiting until the end of the month to see what you have left. Automating money to your investments is how your money grows and how you achieve long-term financial growth.

26. Diversify your income streams

Level Up Your Wealth

Explore side hustles or passive income options to increase your overall earning potential. This cost of living crisis has impacted us all – now is the time to look at other ways to increase your income and being able to do this around your job or other interests is the perfect way to get started.

27. Learn about personal finance

Learning about personal finance is always a good idea! Educate yourself on money management, investing, and financial literacy. One of the best ways to do this is read lots of good books on personal finance, there is no shortage of advice out there.

28. Network strategically

Never a truer saying out there than ‘your network is your net-worth’ so make sure you are networking in the right circles. Build relationships with like-minded individuals who can offer the right guidance, opportunities, and support. Don’t take advice from people whose life you wouldn’t want to live.

29. Continuously upgrade your skills

Invest in your professional development to stay of value and increase your earning potential.

30. Embrace a growth mindset

Adopt a positive attitude towards money – creating affirmations to help you do this are a great start and way to focus your attention on creating a more positive relationship with money and believing in your ability to create wealth.

31. Give back

Practice philanthropy, giving back will make you feel good and what you put out into the world will always have a way of coming back to you. Find causes to support that align with your values.

What it means to Level Up Your Life

The decision to level up your life begins with you. If you are feeling unfulfilled, making a conscious decision to prioritise yourself and your self-improvement can quickly change the overall trajectory of your life. If you take deliberate and proactive steps to improve in even just one area of your life, it can have a positive knock-on affect in other areas of your life too. 

Making a choice towards a  journey of personal growth will not only help to elevate aspects of your life, it empowers you to unlock your full potential and lead a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life – a decision you will never regret making.

How it can benefit you

The benefits are endless – literally no negatives can come from choosing to improve your life. But here are just some of the benefits you might experience – are you ready to make the change?

Increase your confidence

Every time you see or feel a bit of success and reach a milestone in your journey, it increases your confidence. Your self esteem improves when you stick to the plan and do what you said you were going to do. When you start to overcome challenges and grow, you develop a strong belief in yourself and your self esteem, and self belief grows. You feel powerful.

Feel more fulfilled

Fulfilment comes from knowing you are actively working towards your aspirations and becoming the person you want to be to make a difference in your life.

Strengthen your relationships

Once you’re feeling good about yourself it will help you to show up better for others and improve your relationships. Personal growth helps to make you more self-aware, empathetic, and open-minded, helping to deepen your connections with your family and friends.

Become more valuable

Levelling up your skills and knowledge will significantly impact the value you offer. Whether that’s in your career if you’re seeking a promotion, a new job opportunity, or you’re starting your own business, your enhanced skills, abilities and self-confidence will truly position you for success.

As you can see, it can be a truly transformative journey that will enhance every aspect of your being, setting the foundations for a more fulfilling, purpose-driven, and successful.

Let’s round this up….

Personal growth is an ongoing journey that requires dedication, self-reflection, and a commitment to always levelling up your life. Wanting to improve your life, earn more money, be the best version of yourself  is not selfish, greedy or self-centred – it’s your right and what you should always be striving for. 

By focusing more attention on these key areas of life; health, wealth, self, and business, and making even a 1% improvement in them every day, you will start to see and feel visible improvements in all aspects of your life. Remember, it’s not about achieving perfection but making consistent daily progress. So choose a few strategies from this list that resonate with you, implement them into your daily routine, and enjoy the transformative effects they have on your life. Here’s to levelling up and discovering the pathway to Your Next Level Self.

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