Why you have to ‘Let go, to let come’

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Let go, to let come’? A simple way of telling you to stop holding onto things that are no longer serving you; whether that be a toxic relationship, a job that makes you unhappy, or friendships that are no longer positive – and when you do, you will be ready to welcome new, better things into your life. 

This principle can be applied to many aspects of your life, including your mindset and beliefs towards money. I’ll explain what I mean below and some ways you can switch your attitude. 

Growing up were you told: 

‘Rich people are greedy’ 
‘Rich Bitch’ 
‘The love of money is the root of all evil’ 
‘We can’t afford that 
‘Having lots of money means you are depriving poorer people of money 
Does any of the above sound familiar? 

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Depending on the way you were raised, and what stories you have been surrounded by growing up, you will have formed your own beliefs around money, and some of these may be negative stories. Have you also had negative experiences surrounding money i.e. Have you ever lent money to someone and they never paid you back? Did you watch as your parents argued over money growing up? Was money hard to come by within your household? 

Were you in a single-parent household and the absent parent never paid towards your upbringing, making you feel like you are not worthy of money being spent on you?
Did one parent try to hide what they spent from the other parent? 
Have you ever felt taken advantage of with money? 
Are you over-generous, as if you are buying friendships or do you feel embarrassed about having more money than others? 

Unknowingly experiences like this form your attitude and belief towards money, like – money is a limited resource, spending is a bad thing, you are not worthy of spending money on yourself, money is something to be argued over, you should feel shame if you do have wealth. 
These negative stories can create blockers in our minds that hold us back from reaching our full potential and creating more money. So how can you create new beliefs and move past these blockers? 

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An exercise that has helped me: 

Write down all the experiences you remember around money – list all of them out, positive or negative – thinking back to your first memories – journalling these experiences will help you to move past them and clear out any negative energy to help you to stop attracting similar experiences into your life. Think about each of them and then forgive them.

Clearing out your mind of these negative experiences, and forgiving them, will help you to make way for the news beliefs you are going to create and will help you to start seeing money in a positive way and start welcoming more money into your life.

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