ONE simple tactic to help you grow your income and WHY it works

How to claim your power around money.

If you follow the principles of the law of attraction, then you know that ‘what you focus on expands’, right? So if you focus and grow your income – can you actually make that expand too?

Yes, you can!

And here’s one simple way you can do it too to make it work for you.

TRACK YOUR INCOME – Yep, it really is that simple! And make it a daily habit.

When I started to do this, my income grew by 10% in one month.

How does it happen? Tracking your income shows the universe that you are paying attention to the money you are bringing in and you will start to attract more.

You need to track every penny, voucher, money gift, or win that comes your way. You will only get more of what you already have.

When I started to do this – it’s amazing what money started making its way to me (my income didn’t increase through a pay rise)- here are some of the unexpected ways I managed to manifest grow your income:

  • An unexpected refund from my lawyers from a house purchase six months prior- £100
  • An unexpected refund from my factors for £175 for an overpayment I was unaware of 

  • An extra £200 for a holiday cancellation just because the exchange rate had gone up 

  • Gift vouchers appeared that I’d forgotten about 

  • £125 Premium Bond win (through my savings account)

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By tracking your income you are training your mind to look for more money-making opportunities. Make sure when you are tracking it, you are feeling good about every penny that comes your way. This will help you change the way you feel about money and more of it will come to you.

There have been months where I fell out of the habit of doing this – and guess what? My income stayed as normal – so now income tracking is a daily discipline. If extra money comes my way – I put it in my tracker.

When I track my income – I make more of it – it’s as simple as that. When you are aware of what’s coming in, it gives you that extra push to take action and think of ways of how to increase your income or reminds you of outstanding debts you need to chase.

Try it – I would love to hear about the difference it makes to your life!

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