65 best inspiring blog post ideas for 2023 to build your business

Struggling with new content ideas for your blog? Does it feel like your inspiration has evaporated, writer’s block has set in, and that you just can’t find the motivation to write incredible content for your readers?

If your dream is to stop your reader’s scroll search when they find you on Google, for them to stick around reading content on your blog that entices them to come back time and time again – then YNLS is here to help you with 65 of the best tried and tested most inspiring blog post ideas. These blog post prompts will help you get your blogging mojo back and help you build a loyal, faithful, and inspired audience of raving fans.

What are the Best Blog Posts to write for building your business?

Here are YNLS’s top picks for the best blog post ideas segmented by category to help you create some amazing blog post content….

Blog posts to connect with your customers
    1. Host a challenge
    2. Create content that helps to make a connection- make a connection between you and another bog/post/blogger
    3. Write a soul-bearing personal post
    4. Give away freebies (printables, checklists etc)
    5. Share a presentation and audio recording you have given 
    6. Share your autobiography
    7. Share your fears, weaknesses and how you manage them
    8. Share behind the scenes of your typical day
    9. Share who you are outside of work, how do you relax, what do you love to do
    10. Share a cheat sheet or a quick reference guide
    11. Do a poll on your social media and share the results
    12. Share more about an industry event you attended and loved
    13. Talk about your journey and what you have learned
    14. Create an educational quiz that will benefit your audience by learning more about themselves and provide useful insight
    15. What’s the best suggestion you have ever received from a customer and how did you implement it?
    16. Create a regular feature your audience can count on I.e. a tip of the week, quote of the week, a customer of the week, review of the week, etc.

Blog posts to inspire your audience
    17. Write a round-up of your most favorite influential people – people to watch out for in the coming year
    18. Share an over-the-top generous free resource post – make a list of all of your free resources, or of all the free resources you can find online
    19. Share an (almost) too good-to-be-true results post – this is like a case study but with a click-bait headline, like ‘How I grew my email list 1000% in two days
    20. Share the ‘Where I have come from and where I am going post
    21. Share how you have created a work-life balance
    22. Share what is inspiring you
    23. Share your data and stats that will be of interest to your audience (traffic stats, expenses, income, etc.)
    24. Share what you’re reading or your favorite books on your bookshelf
    25. Share the best advice you have received from a mentor and how you have implemented it
    26. Share a personal discovery story, how you discovered x, and the lessons you’ve learned
    27. Share a success story, how either you or someone else in your industry or a client of yours has succeeded 
    28. Share a failure story, from you or someone else in your industry and the lessons learned from it
    29. Talk about all of the training and courses you have invested in throughout your journey, what did you love and how has it helped to shape who you are today
    30. See things from a different angle/different audience perspective – try to interest someone else’s audience with what you have to say

Blog posts to share your product/service
    31. Share and answer the five questions you get asked most often when you tell people what you do
    32. Profile your typical customer archetypes and how your service can benefit each of them
    33. Write about new research and how it supports your product or services and how you are filling a gap
    34. Do hypothetical client work, ‘How I would solve a problem for xxx’
    35. Talk about who your ideal client is and share a time when you have referred a client to someone else and tell why
    36. Talk about how you turned a complaining customer into a raving fan
    37. Show examples of what not to do in your industry
    38. Share customer testimonials
    39. Share the most common misconceptions about your product or service
    40. Share the good habits you/people in your industry have and how they have helped you to get to where you are
    41. Share your passion or vision, especially as it differentiates you from the competition
    42. Share the story behind your newest product or service from idea to launch
    43. Share statistics about your ideal customer, what their pain point is and how your product/services can solve this
    44. Share how you named your company and the meaning behind it
    45. Share a timeline of something in your business or industry
    46. Share what you wish people knew about you or your product/service

Blog posts to share your knowledge and position yourself as a thought leader
    47. Write the ‘Ultimate Guide’ post – create The Ultimate Guide to *something* that your audience is interested in..
    48. Answer a question no one else in your industry is answering
    49. Write a ‘What other people are saying about x’s post
    50. Moderate a debate between two experts in your industry – lay out opposing arguments and compare
    51. Give kudos to others in your industry you admire (X people doing it right, brands I love etc.)
    52. Answer a common question you receive 
    53. Make predictions about your industry, and trends and recap the past year
    54. Offer a weekly or daily round-up of interesting or important articles from thought leaders in your industry
    55. Round up your most popular content from the past month/year
    56. Explore a hard truth or controversial view from within your industry
    57. Review a new product, app, or tool you use for your business and how you use it
    58. Expose a scam
    59. Describe what changes you think are necessary in your industry
    60. Do a How to do xxx tutorial
    61. Tell the story of the thought leaders in your industry what you have learned from them and how they have helped to share the industry
    62. Explain different schools of though in your industry and highlight your own
    63. Break a complicated topic down into multiple parts and provide your spin on it
    64. Explain how or why a current news story or media event is important in your industry ‘what xx means for xx’, ‘why xx matters for xx’
    65. Share reviews of other products or services

Best Blog Posts for Inspiration

We hope this list of The 65 Best Inspiring Blog Post Ideas has left you feeling more inspired and has given you great ideas to start writing fresh new content your audience will love, that will help potential clients feel more connected with you and ready to buy your product or service. Check our YNLS’s Ultimate 30 Day Planner to help you schedule out your content These Best Blog Post Ideas are designed to help you both grow your audience and your business – we hope you have found them useful…. Happy blogging!

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